Wine Glasses Hanging from Rack


A Champagne Experience

Made from only three allowable varietals, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, the Champagne experience takes you to the chalky limestone of this most northerly of wine regions.  Guests will have an opportunity to taste both vintage and non-vintage champagnes from both the great champagne houses and smaller grower champagne producers.  Over literally billions of pearled bubbles, guests will learn how Champagne is made, what makes it so special, and learn which styles pair best with different dishes. 

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  750.00



The Holy Grail Experience

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir tasting from the most spiritual of all wine regions.  Tasting through Burgundian wines is an exercise in discernment and refinement as flavor after extraordinary flavor reveals itself.  This Our Wine Guys tasting experience is one of our favorite ones as we are all passionate lovers of the great wines from this region.

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  750.00



Pure Joy in a Glass

Beaujolais:  The most joyful, raucous wine region in the world.  In this Our Wine Guys tasting experience, participants will taste through several of the famous Beajolais Crus.  Personal, Wine Guys favorites include Juliénas, Moulin-a-Vent, Morgon, Regnie, and Brouilly.  During some of the happiest times in our lives, bottles of Beajolais were present.  Learn how the various terroirs, soil compositions, vintages, and weather patterns impact the final result in the bottle.  Where there is Beajolais, there is laughter!  Come ready to party and enjoy total wine geekdom.

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  650.00



A Terrifying (not really) Tale of Two Terroirs

Uninhibited, fearless flavors abound in this region as the North’s great bold and peppery Syrah’s square off against the rustic elegance of the south’s blending prowess:  Chateauneuf-du-Pape and those always funky and always fun GSM (Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre) blends will compete for your fandom.  Who will prevail?  The North?  The South?  Only you and your guests can decide.

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  650.00



East vs West

The famous wines of Sancerre, Puilly-Fume, Muscadet, and Vouvray are comfortable fixtures in some of my favorite Parisienne bistros. Divided into east and west, this focused Wine Guys tasting experience will provide plenty of zesty freshness in the wine (and in our jokes) for the entire party.  Heck, we might even get a little nuts and suggest you pair tonight’s wines with some outrageous cheeses.  After all, it takes two to be tangy. 

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  650.00



The Battle of the Banks

There is no wine region that has been more profoundly successful than this one.  The complexity of the terroir, the masterful blending of the Bordeaux varietals (Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon, Carmenere, Malbec, Merlot, & Petit Verdot), and perhaps the greatest wineries in the world make this a particularly fun challenge for groups who really want to test their palate.  The real question will be at the end of the night…. Are you a right banker?  Or a left banker?  We won’t judge….publicly.

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  750.00



Sun-Dappled Land of Fairies, the Vosges Mountains, and Scrumptious Wine

Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat, and Pinot Gris are true kings and queens in this region.  These medium-to-full-bodied whites are aromatic, concentrated, and often have a wonderfully bracing streak of acidity.  Crafted to be expressive of the terroir in which they are grown, these are some of the most beautiful expressions of white wines varietals in the world.  For all those who only eat fish with white wine, these white wines will stand up to almost any dish that you can throw at them.  Our Wine Guys love sharing their Alsatian favorites with new clients. 

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  650.00



Do you get chills when you think of Piedmontese wines?  YOU WILL.

Arguably (and let’s be honest when it comes to Italy and wine…there is a lot of arguments to be had) Italy’s most prestigious and preeminent wine region.  The legendary Nebbiolo varietal reaches almost divine levels of pleasure as both Barolos and Barbaresco.  These Kings and Queens of Italian wine are simultaneously delicate and fierce, austere and graceful.  In the Piedmont Our Wine Guys experience, your palates will travel to these two famed villages in the Langhe hills of southeastern Piedmont.  Frankly, you might not ever want to leave (that being said be careful who you invite to this tasting)!

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  750.00



More than just canals, my friends.

Ahhhhhhh, Venice!  Just the thought of Venice and I can hear the song of the Gondolieri working his way through those moonlit canals dreaming of Soave, Valpolicella, and that lustful and earthy Amarone waiting for him back home after a back-breaking day paddling on the boat.  Lucky for you, no paddling involved in order to taste the best of the Veneto wine region.  After kicking off the night with some REAL Prosecco (yes, Prosecco is from the Veneto) In this Our Wine Guys tasting experience, we will dig deep and drink some fabulous high-quality Soave, juicy Valpolicella, and you will sip on a gorgeous Amarone as you learn the ancient history of appassimento in the region.  This is one of the most labor-intensive styles of wine-making, but it is well worth the work, the wait, and the price!

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  700.00



Wait, they make wine in Tuscany?

Art, Architecture, the birthplace of the Renaissance, but to be honest, we really only care that this God-ordained wine region is the home of three of Italy’s most important wines:  Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, and vino nobile di Montepulciano.  From these Italian Cypress lined, undulating, Tuscan hills comes a grape so divine that its name stems from the latin for “Blood of Jove (God)”, Sangiovese.  In this experience, guests will taste through all of the major wines from the region including a relative newcomer to the Tuscan pantheon of great wines:  the so-called Super-Tuscan.  These avant-garde wines made in an untraditional manner were a revolution in the 1970s. From this most traditional of wine regions, will it be the newcomer Super-Tuscans or the classics of the region that are the favorite? 

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  750.00



Keep your Siesta.  It's time for a Fiesta!

This vino-gustatory (is that even a word?) tour of Spain begins in Penedès where delicious Cava is made in the Metodo Tradicionale (similar to the Champagne method).  All great parties start with great bubbles.  Let’s pop the Cava and get ready for a fiesta grande.  Our next stop is in the far Northwest of the country in the region of Rias Baixas where Albariño rules.  Aromatic and flavorful with a crisp yet creamy texture and flavors of zingy citrus-peach and almond-honeysuckle, these wines are crowd-pleasers!  Some of the best examples from this region come from wines that can be over 200 years old.  What a testament to rich history of this varietal in the region.  Of course, no wine trip to Spain is complete without spending a very boozy few days in Spain’s preeminent wine region, Rioja.  Often referred to as Spain’s Bordeaux, this region focuses all of its love and passion into red wines made from the Tempranillo varietal.  These red wines are often aged longer than most before they are released to the public.  We will drink through a few classic Riojas in the Spanish tasting experience, and you can decide whether you prefer the Crianza or its bigger Reserva brothers.

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  750.00



Austere on the outside – but good fun when you get to know them.

The real deal with Austrian and German wines is that they are all about elegant, terroir-driven white wines with ravishing purity and concentration.  Ranging from dry (Kabinett) to sweet (Trockenberrenauslese…this is not a made-up word, I promise), Austrian and German wines are some of the most food friendly wines in the world and universally beloved by sommeliers the world over.  Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, and Gewurztraminer will all be on the playlist for our foray into the Mosel, the Rheingau and beyond.

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  650.00



Napa vs Sonoma

Napa and Sonoma are Camelot and Olympus…lands of almost mythical status where the realm and diversity of great wines seemingly knows no bounds.  However, these two AVAs boast some of the most unique terroir and micro-climates in the world.  In this tasting, these two Titans will battle each other in three varietal categories:  Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The battle lines are drawn, the entire wine world waits with baited breath as you decide the fate of this domestic wine war:  Napa or Sonoma (mail-in ballots not accepted).

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  750.00



The Oregon Trail Experience (without the looming threat of dysentery).

We are heading out on the Oregon Trail for this tasting experience (please, no dysentery jokes during the tasting).  Oregon’s specialty is that most temperamental of varietals, Pinot Noir.  However, the formidable winemakers that work hard to outlast the erratic Oregonian climate give us wines of such exquisite elegance and character that even your mother-in-law will like them (maybe).  Even though the apellations within the famed Willamette Valley sound like places on the Candy Land board (Ribbon Ridge, Dundee Hills, Chehalem Mountains, etc), we can promise you that you will absolutely fall in love with these hand-crafted, small productions.  As Rollin Soles says, “Great Oregon Pinot Noir is about the complete power of gracefulness.  When I’m drinking a pinot noir, I want it to taste like Grace Kelly just walked into the room.”  However, even though Ms. Kelly could show up at this tasting experience, we will not play the part of Fred Astaire (tip dependent of course).

Professional sommelier led tasting including wine:  700.00